My favourite white washed villages | Malaga, Andalusia

My favourite white washed villages | Malaga, Andalusia

I have been living in Malaga, in the sunny Andalusia for decades now (yes, I am that old!) and I really love this part of the world. I truly consider it my home and think that it really would be difficult to find a better place to live in. Well, perhaps a paradisiac island in the Pacific Ocean, that just might do for me…

Today I want to show you three of my favourite white washed villages close to Malaga (actually they a lot more than three, but let’s start with these). Should you come to my part of the world, once this virus situation is over and you have commenced with the new normal, these villages are well worth a visit and within an easy reach from Malaga. 

So, let’s get on it!


Most of the white villages surrounding Malaga do have Arabic origins, and so does Comares. It’s location atop of a mountain seems to suggest that it was built as a military fortress.

The top reason for visiting Comares is that it is not touristy. Yes!, this fact alone means that it’s worth a visit, don’t you think? It is very well taken care of, the white washed one or two-storey houses shine in the sun, along the winding and narrow streets. They take you up and down with amazing views over the village, as well as over the surrounding countryside and hills. You can even see a glimpse of the sea. Stroll along the streets and stop in one of the three bars of the village for a glass of wine and some tapas. Don’t be surprised to hear an elderly lady call from her window “come here, come here” with an accent difficult to understand. She is asking you to step inside her house to buy some freshly picked mangos, almonds or figs (this happened to me on my last visit).


Another charming village with narrow and steep streets, within an easier reach for you if you plan to stay in the western part of the province of Malaga. On top of the village there is an old fortress so be prepared to walk up a steep street to get all the way up. On your way, enjoy the white houses and colourful doors.  If you are lucky you might even see eagles flying above the village and the surrounding Natural Park. Remember to stop along the road before arriving to the village to admire the fortress and the white houses hanging on the hill side.


The history of this village dates back to the Roman times and like the rest of Andalusia, it was conquered by the Moorish. It has quite a large population of foreigners, mostly Germans, Danish and British living there permanently, a fact that gives it a more international feeling, but without losing the typical Andalusian atmosphere. It is a true pleasure to sit in one of its beautiful plazas and enjoy the local wine.

The village is surrounded by olive groves and almond trees, which blossom in the spring. The landscape leading down to the coast is filled with vineyards (Competa is famous for its grapes and wine), olive and lemon groves and tropical fruits such as kiwi and mango.

Hope you enjoyed this tour! By the way, did you notice that all of these villages start with the letter “C”!

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